From Adventure Riders DBC, and Rika our host at LDBA, we would like to thank you all for participating and spectating at the 1st Challenge of the Adv Riders SA Dual Bike Challenge Series.

Our committee has had positive feedback in general. We have a few issues to consider after some feedback and we strive to fix certain areas and make it better and always fair for all. Andre is busy with a draft operational plan that will be executed at each event so that we all have similar rules, he will also be co-ordinator at each event.

We would like to thank André for setting up the track, Nien and all the marshals, Navworld for the hampers and Motorradical for the trophies. We are working on more sponsors and be assured that the prizes on finals day will be huge! Also, a huge thank you to Bertus and his medics and the MC, Troy Barwell!

As this was the first event of the ADV Riders DBC series we were wanting to provide all registered members with true and accurate results that could be of benefit to the individual. We had to sort out some technical issues on the website in-order to post all the categories with full results and not only the top 3 positions.

To check your scores for the LDBA Challenge – go to

A few challenges that will be taken care of going forward:

To compete in the Challenge after riding LDBA and NDBA routes is rather tiring – considering that some competitors did not participate in the routes and were more rested than others going into the skills challenge. We have a solution to resolve this going forward, this will be split over the two days.
We will endeavour to ensure that spectators get a better view
The website will provide a ranking system per category.
A detailed rankings system will be published on the website by no later than the 2th of April for those who don’t quite understand the calculation we used please see below.

The scoring method for the Challenge is as follows:

1. Rider is timed from start to finish
2. Penalty point time values
a. Green Flag – Dab or Cross barrier = 5 seconds per dab added to your time
b. Blue Flag – Fall = 30 seconds added to your time
c. Yellow Flag – Exit halfway/Incorrect execution = 50 seconds added to your time
d. Red Flag – Bypass obstacle = 100 seconds added to your time
3. Your penalties in seconds are then added to your lap time (time taken to ride the course once).
4. Rankings are placed according to the lowest time to highest for the event, per category. Lowest time coming first place, etc.

You get the following Adventure Rider DB Challenge Series points for the place/ranking you achieve in each event, which add up over the series.

· 1st place – 25 points
· 2nd place – 20 points
· 3rd place – 16
· 4th place – 13
· 5th place – 11
· 6th place – 10
· 7th place – 9
· 8th place – 8
· 9th place – 7
· 10th place – 6
· 11th place – 5
· 12th place – 4
· 13th place – 3
· 14th place – 2
· 15th place and beyond get 1 point

Rider with the most Adventure Rider DB Challenge Series points wins – per category, at the end of the series – It works similar to MotoGP’s system.

Full day challenges will differ slightly as we have more time. There will be a qualifying and knock-out round at events like ADA, i-Ride, RAD etc. These events will be starting at 8:30am and should wrap up around 4pm all taking place on a Saturday as per the events calendar.

As the Adv Riders DBC is a competitive challenge it could be just as much fun for everyone by entering the Club classes.
We look forward to seeing you at the ADA event on the 13th May.
Following our meeting with Mark Hardy and his team at ADA, this promises to be a fantastic family outing so bring along your partners and kids with all their toys as there will be entertainment for the kiddies to indulge themselves in.
They will have a food store and importantly some ice-cold beverages.

The final will take place at ADA on Saturday the 18th November.
In order to qualify for the final, you would have to have attended at least 3 of the events of the series, then the top 50% of the riders in each category along with the wild cards from the Western Cape and KZN challenge will be invited to compete at this event.

Should you have any photos or videos of the skills challenge, please email us and we will make arrangements to get them from you via Dropbox, email or similar.

There are some photos from Rika, taken at the LDBA Challenge so check out the link:

For any further question regarding the events and structure pls feel free to contact Andre on 0838454787

Until next time!

Best regards,
The Adventure Riders Dual Bike Challenge team